Conservation areas

In addition to general restrictions on net fishing, endangered salmon species require species-specific geographical and seasonal conservation.

lieksanjoen kielto

Net fishing for grayling is prohibited during the spawning season (1 April - 31 May). As grayling habitats are of limited size even outside the spawning season, net fishing should be regulated all year round. Fishing should be completely prohibited in key habitats.

Complete prohibition of net fishing is not always necessary. A good alternative to full conservation of grayling habitats is a prohibition of nets with a mesh size of less than 55mm within 100m of the shore as well as in shallows.

All fishing should be completely prohibited all year round in key habitats of the Saimaa arctic char (basins and spawning grounds).

Net fishing should be restricted along key migration routes of landlocked salmon and brown trout, in line with the progress of the migration. Restrictions in place to protect the Saimaa ringed seal also provide partial protection for the spring migration of smolts (migrating juvenile salmonids), but net fishing is still permitted along certain sections of the migration route.

Net fishing should be restricted more strictly in late summer and early autumn, during the spawning migration of salmonids. Fishing should be prohibited in inlets and narrow straits in particular.




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