Sustainable fishing

Sustainable fishing refers to managing fish populations in such a way as to maintain their vitality and regenerative capacity.

Following sustainable fishing principles will contribute to protecting the future of salmon populations in Lake Saimaa and Lake Pielinen.

Instructions for sustainable fishing:

  • The law obligates fishermen to release all protected and undersized fish. You should also release any landlocked salmon and freshwater brown trout that have an adipose fin caught in Lake Saimaa or Lake Pielinen, regardless of the size of the fish.
  • Choose lures and bait holders with fewer hooks; this will facilitate the release of undersized specimens.
  • Use fishing pliers and a knot-free, rubber-coated landing net as well as a water container to help release a fish. The fish will survive the release better.
  • Do not use more than 2-4 gillnets.
  • Avoid the use of gillnets with dense mesh size. They unnecessarily catch undersized fish.
  • Fish for different species, prefer naturally reproducing species.
  • Acquaint yourself with local fishing restrictions before you go fishing

Fishing licence system in Finland

Ministry of agriculture and forestry (information about recreational fishing, fishing licences, fishing management fee, lure fishing fee etc.) 





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