Freshwater brown trout
(Salmo trutta m. lacustris)

Conservation status: Endangered
Minimum landing size: 60 cm

Release also any freshwater brown trout that have an adipose fin caught in Lake Saimaa or Lake Pielinen, regardless of the size of the fish

Key areas:

• Southern Lake Saimaa - Partakoski Rapids
• Northern Lake Saimaa - the Heinävesi Route, the Joroisvirta Route
• Lake Pielinen - Lieksanjoki River

Life cycle:

• Reproduction and fry stage in the streams
• Feeding migration in lakes
• Local non migratory populations as well


• Access to the reproduction areas partially prevented
• Many of the most important reproduction areas destroyed
• Natural reproduction rates very low
• Extreme pressure from fishing in the lake areas (incl. trolling and gillnet fishing)



Pic: Fin clipped freshwater brown trout





The project is co-financed by the LIFE+ -programme (EC)