Sustainable fishing of Salmonidae in the Lake Saimaa district

"Promoting sustainable fishing of Salmonidae in the Lake Saimaa district" -project (LIFE10INF/FI/052) is a three year long (2011-2014) information and communication project.

Objective of the project is to distribute information about endangered Salmonidae (grayling, freshwater brown trout, landlocked salmon and arctic char) and to tell how fishing affects to these species.

Project will also prepare fishing management plans together with the owner units of waters and the fishing districts.

Project is managed by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for North Karelia (ELY Centre). Partners are ELY Centres for South Savo, Southeast Finland and North Savo.

Estimate on overall expenses is €361,670. Project is co-financed by the EU LIFE+/Information and Communication and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The primary activities of the project are:

1) Developing fishing plans and reaching an agreement on the implementation thereof

2) Communication and the production of communication materials

3) Surveys to assess attitudes among fishermen

4) Sustainable fishing lure design competition 2012

5) Redesigning the website



Mirko Laakkonen, Project Manager

"I have worked on a number of projects related to the promotion of sustainable fishing for several years.

In the "Project to promote sustainable salmon fishing practices on Lake Saimaa" , my role is to negotiate with owner units of waters and and fishery districts on new fishing plans. I am also responsible for project management and communications.

Fishing has been a hobby of mine since I was four years old. I am familiar with both passive and active fishing. I take the status of fish populations into consideration in my fishing activities.






Project assistant, Juho Rajala
Project assistant, Sirpa Kaunisto




The project is co-financed by the LIFE+ -programme (EC)